Safe Roulette System

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Safe Roulette System

This system is not something out of shelf theory…..i have put a lot of thaught in that and put enough hard work to collect and compare, eveluate and analyse data for this. I have been trying to put this system together for over 2 years from now .

I wanted to do something which actually works. I am not trying to beat maths but i have something which need maths and Physics combined together as everyone knows that one can’t beat roulette only with maths. Soon this system is going to take roulette with storm but if i got detected then everything will be very difficult to execute. Thats the only reason i am selling this to serious people who won’t just mess about.

See example:


How it works:

To place bets, go on side or neighbours bet option rather than individual numbers. Usually you will cover 5 neighbours , but in few exeptional cases its less neighbours and few extra individual numbers which have high probability of ball landing.


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