Real Roulette System

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Real Roulette System

By reading my Standard ebook I am sure you will start to understand my prediction methods, so please use this as a self training guide for example. I have written this from my own perspective, stating what I find works the best in order to predict where the ball will land.

I developed the basics in real casinos, over time I become more accurate, understanding what combinations worked better than others, which I explain in this ebook. For best results I suggest you read my information first, then visit casinos yourself, so you can see for yourself which combinations work the best for you.

See example:



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The Counting System with Number Groups

We have been working very hard pretty much spending countless hours over the last 3 years trying to find the best long term solution so that we can win on a regular basis with minimal risk to our bankroll After studying this game for so long we now can understand that although it is very complex you need to look beyond that and trust me when I say we have left no stone unturned and it has taken us 3 years of dedication and determination.

We can now finally say we have the ultimate system that is good enough to sell The reason we are so confident is because no matter what roulette game you play worldwide at anytime of the day or night even if you play on roulette machine’s on RNG style game’s something happens guaranteed in every game.

The fact is people believe the game to be truly random but our findings will leave a large question mark over this game About six months ago we decided to study just the numbers as they appeared in the results and this proved to be very interesting for example we noticed that if say number 6 appeared then it would not be very long until either it would hit a second time or number 9 would hit. Read more..


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